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Donate Now to Help Ensure There Is Never Another Astroworld Tragedy

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Our mission promotes stronger safety protocols to be consistently implemented at entertainment venues, while providing safe spaces and protecting attendees to prevent avoidable injuries or death.

Pink Bows Foundation™ was established in honor of Madison Alexis Dubiski, who passed away at the age of 23 while attending the Astroworld music festival on November 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas. Madison was known for her loving and kind personality, as well as her dedication to community service. She had completed over 500 volunteer hours and worked with 25 non-profits by the time she graduated high school. The foundation aims to continue Madison's legacy of giving back.

  • Funding mechanisms that support training, safety protocols and specialized plans via task forces specific to outdoor music festivals to help mitigate future tragedies and keep patrons safe.
  • Support of groups working with local and state agencies to implement a “Maddie’s Law” or “Showstoppers” initiative, which would allow a third party independent decision maker to stop an event when mandatory regulations and safety protocols have been breached to ensure safety at concerts, festivals and other large gatherings.
  • Creating a first of it's kind "Pink Bows Safe Space" - intended to provide a safe environment for individuals that are feeling overwhelmed or possibly dealing with anxiety, depression or other challenges, including just needing a break from the noise or chaos. Our safe spaces will be supported and staffed with licensed counselors and foundation volunteers, while providing a location to take a calming breath, sit in a quiet spot, and allow individuals to refocus and regenerate. Attendees will have a space to enter and feel at ease, knowing they are out of any emotional or physical harm.

Pink Bows Foundation is a public charity, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (Tax ID 88-2721270)